About Us

Sanskriti Public School


Our objective at Sanskriti public school is to provide an outstanding quality of education, yet unmatched in the Areraj region and possibly all of Bihar. We are striving for the sound establishment of a school that will offer a more comprehensive education than is usually offered In Indian schools, where the over riding emphasis is more often laid on only the purely academic side of school life, Our aim is to offer an education that in addition to academic excellence places other aspects of a child's development high on our list of priorities. We aim to nurture each student's full potential, through not only a rigorous academic programme, but one that also encompasses and values sporting and artistic achievements.

Our approach to academic studies is not to simply focus on teaching our children answers in order to satisfy the curriculum requirements, but instead to give them a mental agility that they may both be able to reason as well as understand the underlying concept of the questions, We strongly believe that to enable a child's personality to fully develop, their level of self confidence is an all important factor. A school student will stand out by their ability to communicate politely and with confidence whatever the situation

Aims & Objectives

The school's aim is to help all its children grow into mature and caring adults, It will provide a safe and secure learning environment in which each child's abilities will be realized and developed to their fullest potential through the subjects and themes of the National Curriculum, the school's wider curriculum, its Christian ethos and the development of positive attitudes to learning and life.

True education should produce balanced personality in whom intellectual cultural values and developed in every field. So our objectives is to overcome from our society with better educational skill and abound knowledge to face this competitive world.

Vision & Mission

  • + Developing respect and regards towards Indian Culture and way of life
  • + Self confidence
  • + Academic excellence
  • + Maintained of well nourish healthy and active personality
  • + Top learn cleanliness
  • + Improve and affirm towards a disciplined and regulated life
  • + Developing and great respect for parents, elders honor for dignity of all individual
  • + To improve over all academic respects